Saturday, 5 February 2011

a bold new direction

Trying something new for 2011, I just felt like my art needed to evolve! So I decided to look back at some of my older drawings for inspiration.

Incase your wondering, I intentionally made the arm on the right bigger because it's pointing towards the viewer. It's a very useful technique called "foreshortening" that helps to add depth to whatever it is you draw; I've done an excellent job of it here in my humble opinion.

It's not a self portrait, but it does eerily look like me... that's not good, maybe it is me? but I don't have a cat/dog!


I'll try to post something more serious soon.


  1. wow, this is like THE best drawing, like, ever.

  2. Keep pushing the boundaries Rob, you're on the bleeding edge.

  3. Hey, have you got any new drawings man, am just looking through the work you've posted on this blog and it is so effing good... I need more to keep me all inspired! Pleease!

  4. lol I completely missed this comment cheers man, I'll try and get something up soon, even if it's just crappy sketches :)