Monday, 22 June 2009

Different Strokes

The past couple of days I've been inspired to try out some different brushes, just to mix things up a little bit. I got the idea from a workshop article in imagine fx by joe vriens where he drew this really cool monster in 1 hour. I just thought it'd be a nice exercise to try it out myself! unfortuunately I didnt have enough time to complete a proper background.. but I had fun, maybe next time.


the rough sketches


I went with the weird bird monster (third row, 2nd from the right), It's just a shame I couldnt do more.


velvet from from Odin Sphere, I've been meaning to draw her for a while :)

1 comment:

  1. Bro, I'm loving both of your posts so far! The monster designs are great and I love your take on Velvet. Nice to see the girl and polar bear team supreme make a comeback after your final uni project too!
    Wonderful stuff all round pal, keep it up, I want MOOOORE!!!